Since the beginning, the company BLACK POINT S.A. has been driven by care for highest quality standards in managing the enterprise, and in particular for the top quality of products and customer service.

Our quality policy, which includes a quality management system compliant with ISO 9001:2008, environment management system compliant with ISO 14001:2004, and OHS management compliant with PN-N 18001:2004, has been crowned by certificates issued by an independent certifying agency, Bureau Veritas Certification Polska accredited at PCA, which is one of the largest organizations of this type in the world.

Black Point has had a certified quality management system since 2002.






Over 25 years of experience in the trade has allowed us to streamline our quality management system, which encompasses processes which are most vital for the client and product quality, including:

  • design
  • testing
  • production
  • distribution.

In 2014, the Group also certified the environmental aspect of its activity and obtained ISO 9001 certificate for collecting and re-producing used consumable materials for printers.

It is the broadest and the most comprehensive scope of certification in the trade, which guarantees that clients receive not only highest quality product and service but also a qualified utilization of waste with full guarantee of recycling.

Quality Management at Black Point S.A. is a result of a consistent development of many years of internal management systems. Beginning in 1993, the company has implemented:

  • an internal Quality Management System QMS,
  • quality management system compliant with ISO 9001:2008, and an American standard of production and testing of ASTM laser cartridges
  • OHS and environment management systems compliant with standards: ISO 14001:2004 and PN 18001:2004
  • test procedures compliant with ISO/IEC 19752:2004, allowing to objectively compare the efficiency of Black Point products to those of other companies
  • test procedures compliant with ISO/IEC 19798:2006 and ISO/IEC 24711:2006, which allow to define the efficiency of ink and laser cartridges.

The Integrated Quality Management System is a proof that BLACK POINT S.A. applies a policy based on: s

  • triving for highest-quality products and services
  • creating a positive impact of the company on the environment
  • ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions.


BV_Certification_PN-N 18001 BV_Certification_ISO14001




BLACK POINT and PRINTE products have a CERTIFICATE from an independent laboratory of AGH Academy of Mining and Metallurgy, which confirm their very high quality and efficiency!


Since 2002, the company BLACK POINT has had its own research & development laboratory.

The Black Point Laboratory is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001, which means that the laboratory’s standards of work are each year thoroughly audited by internal and external bodies.

Out of care for the highest quality of Black Point and Printe products, each year the Black Point Laboratory performs hundreds of tests on our products. All tests are performed in accordance with strict rules required by international ISO norms concerning standards for testing consumable printing materials.

To confirm its test, Black Point has for years been subjecting its products to independent tests performed by specialist external firms. We have already cooperated with a German laboratory Innowationtechnik, which also tests products for HP, and a TÜV laboratory.

Black Point was the first in the trade to compare its products with those of producers of printing equipment and published the results.





Black Point and Printé toners have positively passed thorough tests for compliance with EMC directive, and thus we may declare their complete safety and functionality in the scope provided by the directive.

As a result, our products bear the mark: