What does printing quality depend on?

Printing quality depends on many factors. The most important of them are: Printer – it is impossible to print a document, graphics or picture with high quality using an old ‘printing machine’. New printers provide us with better opportunities with respect to optimization of the picture at the same time guaranteeing high quality.
Cartridge used – it is worthwhile to buy recognised products coming from reliable producers. The warranty package offered for the product is an important element – it is worthwhile to check if and when we can ask for replacement of the product.
Carrier (paper) used – we will achieve different quality of printouts on typical paper ‘stationery paper for photocopying machine’ and different quality even on white coated paper (using identical settings in the printing option).

What is important when we buy a toner and ink?

The given toner or ink should operate without any major problems from the moment of installation till the moment when the staining component is used up. Unfortunately, full evaluation of the consumable quality and its reliability, that is how difficult it will be during operation, is impossible at the time of purchase. Those features of the toner or ink about which you can ask the seller are:
Efficiency – average number of printouts using the given toner or ink.
Cost of printing one page.
Quality certificates regarding technology of production and designing owned by the given company.
Warranty package – it is worthwhile to check if and when we can ask for replacement of the product.
Price – the cheapest product does not mean the highest cost savings – for some toners and inks, it often turns out that during their operation we are forced to raise frequent claims regarding them.