In the back of Black Point Lab with James Bond of the printing world 

In the back of Black Point Lab with James Bond of the printing world 

I test our products before an independent lab does it. However, I use the same methods, and this is why I am never surprised. It has to be perfect! – says Darek Troszczyński, the manager of Black Point Lab. Once again we saw that he was right in his forecasts. The test results of the TÜV Rheinland institute confirmed that the tested Black Point toner has 165% higher efficiency compared to the products of the leading manufacturer of HP® printers. Do you want to see how Darek and his team achieve such results? Today we invite you to the Black Point laboratory, where real magic happens.

Silent Hero

OK, let’s start with our guide and hero. Eight years ago, Darek, a chemist by education, began his adventure in the world of printing. Today he is a true „master of ceremonies” who knows every screw in our products. Privately, he is also a perfectionist, just a master level through and through. Anyway, listen for yourself:

–  I supervise two areas in the company. Research and Development Department, which is responsible for the implementation of new products, but I am also accountable for ongoing testing of new solutions and component control. I am actually responsible for all technical issues related to the product. From „getting to know” the printer, the cartridge it works on, to a solution that will help improve its operation. I also take care of After-Sales Service, where we support users in the event of problems, and react quickly when more serious situations occur. I also support the sales department in technical matters, advise on best printers and what is worth buying.


Phew, busy man, right? We call him GEEK. Responsible, reliable, with great knowledge of the product and technology. And most importantly, always willing to help. ALWAYS. After a day full of work for the two most important departments, Darek chills posting on Facebook page, where he gives advice to desperate owners of printers. That’s the spirit!


Sheet by sheet


OK, but you probably want to know how we test our products? We do this right here in „Darek’s kingdom” which is the laboratory. Every day, with several hundred printers at our disposal, we check and control our products. But let’s give the floor to Darek:


– Testing is standardized by ISO standards, so if we want to speak of page performance, we must use the same testing methods. What is it about? Printer,  lots of paper, same test object and many hours of work. We have 6-10 printers on the test bench that constantly print the same or similar objects. We print around 600,000 copies per month.



Oh, oh wait! Probably now a red light has turned on in your head. However, with the wide range of Black Point products tested, such a scale of paper consumption is inevitable. However, we do our best not to harm nature. The waste paper produced is recycled and continues to circulate. We also plant hundreds of trees every year. In this way, we try to compensate the environment for our activity. OK, the red light has gone out? Then let’s hear how new products are made. Darek?


 On the other hand, testing of new products looks a bit different. Here, first we need to get to know the new equipment well and make the appropriate quality prints on the printer manufacturer’s toner. When designing new samples, we always strive for the best quality. In fact, the whole team is working to design an improved cartridge with a higher yield than the one offered by printer manufacturers. And we do succeed!


REPEATABILITY, QUALITY and ATTENTION TO DETAIL are the key words of the entire process. It begins with the construction of much more efficient toners and the manual skills of our crew – their precision, accuracy and keen eye. It ends right here in the lab under Darek’s watchful eye, and finally with thousands of pages printed by satisfied Black Point users. It is impressive, isn’t it?




 164% more page yield

Our company machine works only thanks to infinitely patient people, who conscientiously and reliably control the performance of the same tasks. And they react quickly to any deviation. Owing to people such as Darek, whom you met today. This is how products which can be tested by everyone  every day –  by customers and independent laboratories. We are not worried about the result. OK, I guess you are probably curious which product did so well in the tests of the TÜV Rheinland institute, aren’t you?

In the opposite corners in the laboratory battle there stood: Black Point toner model LBPPH79A and an analogous product CF279A by HP®. Each of the manufacturers declared specific numbers – our toner yield was estimated at 2,000 pages, while HP® guaranteed 1,000 pages. The result? The possibilities of Black Point products are much greater! After testing, it turned out that the average number of pages printed with our toner is 2724 pages, while for HP it is only 1030. Experts have confirmed that Black Point’s efficiency is 164% higher.


If you liked the Black Point lab or have questions for Darek, send us an email or find Darek on Facebook 🙂


The full report can be Raport TUV

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