LBPPH90AThe most cost-efficient line of monochromatic toners in Black Point offer – Super Plus – gains four more products for HP and Samsung printers. LBPPH42X, LBPPH90A, LBPPH90X and LBPPS205L toners guarantee lowering of operation costs by nearly 50% compared with materials by original producers of the devices.

The new toners complement the offer of Black Point addressed to users of the most popular models of HP and Samsung printing devices. The new materials are compatible with the series of HP LaserJet, LJ Enterprise and LJ Enterprise 600 as well as Samsung SCX and ML.

The efficiency of the toners is 13% to 30% higher than of materials offered by the original manufacturers of the equipment, which, combined with the attractive price, gives around 45% savings. Depending of printer model, the new toners guarantee efficiency greater even by 3,000 pages compared with OEM products.

‘The elite line of Super Plus is a guarantee of extremely high parameters, proven by studies performed by independent centres and by the internal R&D laboratory at Black Point. In the laboratory, tests are carried out in accordance with the standard ISO 19752:2004, which is a trade norm and which is also used by OEM producers,’ assures Piotr Drzewiecki, Product Manager at Black Point Group.

Currently, the Super Plus line offers nearly 90 monochromatic toners for the most popular printers on the market. All of them have been covered by the special guarantee package, which ensures safety of use throughout the operation period, i.e. until the colouring substance is used up. The guarantee covers both toners as well as the printing device. Black Point undertakes to repair the device at its own cost if using a product from its offer is found to have been the direct cause of a failure. It is all for the convenience of the user, who will not lose guarantee for their equipment by using less expensive and more efficient consumable materials.

Compatibility:Super Plus LBPPH42X: HP LaserJet 4250, 4250DTN, 4250DTNSL, 4250N, 4250TN, 4350.Super Plus LBPPH90A and Super Plus LBPPH90X: HP LaserJet Enterprise M4555, M4555F, M4555fskm, M4555h; LaserJet Enterprise 600 M601n, M601dn, M602n, M602dn, M602X, M603dn, M603xh.Super Plus LBPPS205L: Samsung SCX 4833FD, 5637FR, 5737FW; ML 3310D, 3310ND, 3710D, 3710DW, 3710ND