About Black Point

  • Black Point Group is present on the market since 1988
  • During its operations, Group has remanufactured 6 MLN and reused almost 40 MLN cartridges
  • Black Point Group is listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2010
  • Expert and leader in the business with the most recognizable brand
  • Certified quality management system – continuously since 2002
  • Leader of independent tests – first brand to have compared the quality and efficiency of products to the producers of printing equipment
  • Leader of innovative solutions
  • Modern technology of production that guarantees both an increased efficiency and ideal quality of print
  • The first in business innovative programme “satisfaction guaranteed” – a million-year product guarantee
  • Poland’s first programme for collecting empty cartridges – ECO MIND
  • The only company in Poland that guarantees full recycling of empty cartridges
  • The industry’s only Modern Centre for Training and Maintenance to ensure quick and professional service to each and every client
  • 1988

    Company's registration

    We started our operation.

  • 1990

    The new seat

    Since that time, we have resided in Bielany Wrocławskie.

  • 2002


    We have implemented a quality management system ISO 9001:2000 and American standards for testing STM toners.

  • 2003

    Black Point Group

    We have established a company Eco Service, which deals with trading in used containers.

  • 2003

    Cooperation with stores

    We have started to sell the company's products in more stores:
    Media Markt, Saturn, Selgros, etc.

  • 2006


    We have implemented and integrated system ISO 14001:2004, and
    BHP PN-N 18001:2004.
    We have also started a laboratory
    and new technology lines.

  • 2007

    Change of name

    We have changed the legal form
    and the company's name to Black Point S.A.

  • 2008

    Expansion into Europe

    We have subscribed for TBG GmbH shares through Eco Service Sp. z o.o.

  • 2010

    Stock Exchange Debut

    The company Black Point entered the
    NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In the same year, we established a company Eco Service China and we opened a logistics centre in Hong-Kong dedicated to the markets of the Far-East.

  • 2012

    Further expansion

    We have introduced our products to other European markets, i.e. to Slovakia and Czech Republic

  • 2012

    Development of production technology

    Automation of production and implementation of an automatic line, innovative on a world scale, for the production of ink cartridges, designed by Black Point engineers and technologists.

  • 2013

    More purchases

    Inclusion of a competitive Printe brand into the offer of Black Point

  • 2014

    And yet more work

    Continuously, every day, driven by passion for quality, we work to bring you the best parameters of our products.
    We keep improving sale and operational results.

We have always been set for success and customer satisfaction.

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