Printer manufacturer code


Compatible with printers

Lexmark Prospect: Pro205, Pro209
Prestige: Pro805
Platinum: Pro905
Impact: S305, S301
Prevail: Pro705
Interpret: S405, S409
Intuition: S505
Interact: S605
Genesis: S815
Pinnacle: Pro901
Prevail: Pro709
Lexmark Interact: S605
Lexmark Prevail: Pro709
Lexmark Prestige: Pro805
Lexmark Pinnacle: Pro901
Lexmark Platinum: Pro905
Lexmark Genesis: S815
Lexmark Prospect: Pro205
Lexmark Impact: S305
Lexmark Interpret: S405
Lexmark Intuition: S505

Manufacturer's suggested price

51,92 zł brutto


630 pages


Kartridż atramentowy Black Point BPL100XLM. Zastepuje Lexmark 14N0901E. Kolor: magenta. Wydajnosc: 630 str. (wiecej o 30 str. – ISO 24711). Pojemnosc: 10,5 ml. Kompatybilny z: Lexmark Prospect: Pro205, Pro209; Prestige: Pro805; Platinum: Pro905; Impact: S305, S301; Prevail: Pro705; Interpret: S405, S409; Intuition: S505; Interact: S605; Genesis: S815; Pinnacle: Pro901; Prevail: Pro709.


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until the last drop of the colouring agent is used.


Price Yield
BLACK POINT 51,92 zł* 630 pages
OEM 80,00 zł 600 pages
* Manufacturer's suggested price
Black Point Products can be purchased in one of several hundred points of sale in Europe See a map

Pozostałe wersje

Black Point code Printer manufacturer code Colour Yield
BPL100XLC 14N0900E cyan 680 pages See
BPL100XLM 14N0901E - 630 pages See
BPL100XLY 14N0902E yellow 680 pages See
BPL100XLBK 14N0820E black 610 pages See