Printer manufacturer code

KX-FA 136X

Compatible with printers

Panasonic KX: F1110,1015, FP121,131PD
Panasonic KX: F969

Manufacturer's suggested price

86,90 zł brutto


Rolki TTR Black Point BPPA136. Zastepuje Panasonic KX-FA 136X. 2 rolki: 220 mm / 100 m. Kompatybilne z Panasonic KX: F969, F1010, F1015, F1016, F1110, F1810, F1820, F1830, FPC135, FPC141, FP101, FP105, FP121, FP200, FP205, FP245, FP250, FP258, FP260, FP265, FP270, FP278, FP2111, FM131, FM210, FM220, FM245, FM250, FM260, FM265, FM270, FM280, FMC230, FM131, FP101, FP121.


Our products come with a lifetime guarantee,
until the last drop of the colouring agent is used.


Price Yield
BLACK POINT 86,90 zł*
OEM 0,00 zł
* Manufacturer's suggested price
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