Printer manufacturer code

ML 393/3410

Compatible with printers

Oki ML: 393, 3410, 395
AXIS: AX 393
Siemens: HIGHPRINT 4400
AXIS: AX 393
Siemens: HIGHPRINT 4400
Oki ML: 393

Manufacturer's suggested price

48,90 zł brutto


Tasma Black Point KBPO393. Zastepuje Oki (ML 393/3410) czarna, nylon. Rozmiar: 12,7 mm / 30 m. Kompatybilna z Oki ML: 393, 3410, 395; AXIS: AX 393; Siemens: HIGHPRINT 4400.


Our products come with a lifetime guarantee,
until the last drop of the colouring agent is used.


Price Yield
BLACK POINT 48,90 zł*
OEM 0,00 zł
* Manufacturer's suggested price
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