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What makes black point better?

  • Lifetime guarantee


    Our products come with a lifetime guarantee until the colouring agent is completely used up.



  • Black Point Quality


    If you want to enjoy a real power and colour fidelity… if you want to delight your clients, friends, family… it means you need materials by Black Point.



  • Respect for intellectual property


    Introduction of Black Point brands into an offer is carried out in accordance with law, especially with respect to all valid patents, industrial designs and trademarks.

  • Really much more


    Black Point consumables give on the average the highest number of pages, thus definitely exceeding efficiency rates of materials provided by manufacturers of printing devices (OEM).


  • Guarantee


  • Efficiency


  • Reproduced cartridges


    For the production of consumables, Black Point uses empty OEM cassettes, which have undergone a full refurbishing process. This means these are 100% brand new products.

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