Ecology Black Point



Nature follows a closed loop. Water, oxygen and other elements go around in nature in an infinite manner.

Human-created economy has so far been relying only on a standard linear model. Produce – use – throw away.

However, we are here to change it by looping the system and giving way to a closed loop of toners.

No matter how big your organization is and how many printers you have, we keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

Why don’t you join us in building a better future for the world for ourselves and the generations to come?

How does that work? Well, we reuse your empty toner cartridges. We give them a new lease of life and keep them away from the landfill.

Take a step forward with us and switch from the world of disposable products to the new reality of responsible consumption.




The OH! GREEN line of ecological toners – in for more info?


We remanufacture toners and give them a new lease of life in our factory. Our protective bags are made from natural, compostable starch.

The filler and boxes are made of FSC-certified materials. This means we only use paper sourced from sustainably managed forests out of respect for nature!





You send back your empty toner at our expense, and we give it another life! Send your cartridge back to us in the box it was delivered in.

Remanufacturing, unlike recycling, completely recreates the original product – without losing its quality. It also requires less energy consumption, which additionally protects our planet.



Eco eco and business go together? Yes, they can!

Reduce your carbon footprint by consciously investing in green toners.

Build an environmentally responsible business.

Close the loop with us and create a closed loop for the planet.

Closed loop of our OH! GREEN toners





What do you get in return?


You return your used toner in the same box free of charge.

Ecological, efficient toners with zero waste packaging.

24H door-to-door service.

Certificate of an ecological company. Note that your consumers are consciously becoming more and more eco-friendly.

Minimize the waste your organization leaves behind. Join socially responsible companies and reduce your company’s negative impact on the environment.

Contact us!

Bartek – mail or phone +48 887221830