Recycled paper


Cardboard dust jacket

Cardboard box

Important things end up on paper so:

Sometimes you have to
print something.


Rest assured that this not necessarily ecological activity has been reduced to a minimum in each and every element of the oh-green process.


The time for an ecological alliance has come

Black Point, you and your printer


Oh! A profound two-letter exclamation

Care, happiness, amazement

For us Oh! Green is supposed to encompass voices of all emotions and reason needed for environmental protection.
Rejoice and care for the planet with us – at best exclaiming
Oh-My-Green! with every piece of paper popping out from your printer.

Feel the sense of pride

By choosing our product you make the world a better place

What does a toner have to do with a cat?

Send us your used toner

We will give it a new lease of not life but lives (seven as well) – It is believed that cats have seven lives. Maybe they are mythological progenitors of recycling? Who knows

  1.   Keep the toner eco box. When your toner runs out you can use it as packaging for shipping.
  2.   Visit our website:
  3.   Fill in the details:
    • Invoice number,
    • Your address,
    • Reason for return: OH! GREEN
  4.   Choose the most convenient GLS Parcel point
  5.   A parcel label will be issued. We have taken care of everything. Your shipment is already paid up.

Printing ecology means:

A million small

Simple acts count a lot. Simple acts we are all capable of while printing every day. With Oh! Green your environmental contribution is genuine.

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