Discover 3 ways to eco-print

Contracts, documents, reports – many of them must be recorded on paper. Even in times of extensive digitization, we cannot completely eliminate the need for printing. However, you can do it wisely – with ecology in mind and reducing the amount of generated waste. Discover 3 ways to eco-print!


Do you absolutely have to print it all?


Give it some thought. During the day, you see many documents, letters, and notes in the trash. Sometimes even worse – they create piles on your desk that affect your well-being. What if we only poured what was necessary on paper in order not to create unnecessary waste paper?


How to do it? We recommend that you look at a system called the Eisenhower matrix. The former US president divided his tasks according to their importance and urgency. This is how four categories were created:


  • urgent and important;
  • urgent but not important;
  • important but not urgent;
  • those he called whims that is, not urgent and unimportant.


See what we mean?


Consider whether you can divide the materials you print during the day in a similar way. Are you sure everyone needs a copy of the report on the weekly summary? Maybe it is enough to send the brief by e-mail and send out additional materials discussed after the meeting?


At Black Point, we believe that reducing the number of unnecessary prints is essential. And if you want to print something – go for ecological toners only. OH! GREEN toners from Black Point are the only ones that are 100% environmentally friendly.


Do you know what a circular economy is? At Black Point, it’s a key concept. We do not waste resources and take care of proper waste management. Virtually every part of an OH! GREEN product is made of recycled materials and can be recycled again.


FSC-certified paper, a bag of starch, recycled toner, the possibility of returning an empty cartridge free of charge – that’s not all! OH! GREEN toners will print significantly more pages than those by other manufacturers. It’s also pure ecology! For you, this means more eco-printing at a lower cost! You don’t have to buy new toners so often.



Recycled paper – indispensable in the office and at home


According to the Knowledge Base on Climate Change data in Poland, as much as 143 kg of paper is used per person per year (data from 2020)! This result includes, among others, 1.5 billion paper invoices per year. It is a massive burden for the environment – to create these documents, it was necessary to cut 255 thousand trees.


Every page counts in the office. The ecological grey paper will not change the comfort of work and will allow nature to breathe. It is not only a rescue for future generations but the next step in building a socially responsible company.


When looking for the right ream of paper, shop around for FSC certification. To obtain it, it is necessary to go through a multi-stage process in which many aspects of the origin of the wood and the production process are checked.


As a result, you are buying eco-friendly paper. You can be sure that the supplier of your products cares about the principles of a sustainable economy and that the areas from which the raw material is obtained are respected. An example of such a product is cardboard boxes in which we deliver OH! GREEN. Not only are they made of ecological paper, but also, by sending your used toner back to us, you give it a second life. Nature prevails!


Remember, it is not just about the certificate. FSC has three quality levels. The lowest of them guarantees the content of 70% of recycled materials. Certificates are granted for 5 years, and the quality control is repeated every year. The cardboard we use is fully FSC certified, and only recycled materials are used in production.


At Black Point, we adhere to the principle that after using the gifts of nature, we should give something back. That is why we are actively involved in the reforestation of Poland. Thanks to our support, several thousand new trees appear every year. You, too, can join such action by choosing products of companies that focus on ecological solutions – such as Black Point.


Ecological printer – is it possible?


Technology is constantly evolving – new solutions optimize our work, also to the benefit of the planet. Many ecological solutions are created. Currently, both printers and multifunctional devices can even suggest the length of a document if we specify its type. Ecological printing is much easier now!


Poszukujesz ekologicznych i jakościowych rozwiązań do drukarek w swojej firmie? Sprawdź tonery Black Point!


But let’s start with the basics – an efficient, ecological toner. The production of a new plastic container is equivalent to 0.4 kg of steel, 0.05 of aluminium, and 3.5 litres of oil! It’s not very environmentally friendly, is it? At Black Point, we believe that using this amount of natural resources should be the last resort – that’s why we carefully recycle everything we can from used toners. And then we give them a new, more efficient form.


Black Point toners are actually enhanced products! On the one hand, they use the already existing plastic container. On the other – they are technologically modified to print up to 100% more pages than the toners by our competitors.


We fill the new product with a powder with a titanium oxide content of TiO2 not exceeding 1% and only from certified suppliers. The entire production process is strictly supervised following ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 standards.


Are you looking for ecological and quality solutions for printers in your company? Check out Black Point toners!

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