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Buying a new toner or ink cartridge can make you feel dizzy. To make your task easier, you often turn to the printer manufacturer’s products. In theory, this is the right way, in practice – the reality may fail to meet your expectations. Can you feel the bitter taste of post-purchase dissonance? Check if any of the following issues concern your hardware. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you to your own devices. Black Point – Problem-free, remember?



#1 The Paleface print


Late for an appointment, you print a contract for a new client asap and suddenly it turns out that the printout is barely visible? We are afraid that no Indian dance around the device will make a miracle happen.

In the case of an inkjet printer, the ink, which has a tendency to dry out, may be at fault. However, if you frequently print for business purposes, this situation is unacceptable, isn’t it? Any conclusions? The cartridge you have purchased is of dubious quality and will fail in the least expected moment. When it comes to a laser printer, the most common problem with it is that the device is out of consumables. If the toner has recently been replaced, faint printing indicates an strikingly low performance of the product. Will your printer print the number of pages declared by the manufacturer? Dream on. Each subsequent  ink replacement will be a blow to your wallet.


#2 Was supposed to work but doesn’t ?

You bought a new cartridge, installed it in the device and you click „print”. As a result, something rattles, yet no trace of the printout. It’s a sign that the cartridge was defective and to make things worse, could have damaged the printer. You contact the shop to no avail, you call the helpline of the printer manufacturer, and they are helpless, finally you ask the service centre for advice, where without further ado they offer repairs with the possibility of picking up the equipment in a week at the earliest. We could do with some popcorn watching your next steps J BUT this story will not have a happy ending. The use of a damaged toner or ink might result in a series of problems to deal with on your own. Unwelcome breakdowns generate costs and make you waste your valuable time.


#3 In accordance with conscience

Plastic is not fantastic. If you live your daily life willing to reduce the use of artificial, environmentally harmful materials, take a closer look at your printer. Inside there is a plastic cartridge, which takes about 800 years to decompose. If you run a business, think of how many cartridges you used over the last month or year. Striking, isn’t it ? Do not give up on your beliefs just because of the manufacturers, who guided by economic criteria, forget about the planet.

Let’s upgrade!

We have prepared a simple solution to the above problems. Namely, an improved cartridge – Next Gen by Black Point. Are you sitting comfortably? Better do before you get blown away by the wave of benefits.

You already know our slogan: BP – Problem-free. When you choose our toners and inks, you choose hassle-free printing.

Products with the Black Point logo are made in proprietary laboratories according to patented technologies. We are sure of the quality of our cartridges, which is why we give them a lifetime guarrantee (let’s repeat in slow motion: l i f e t i m e).


Something went wrong? NO PROBLEM! We will replace the goods immediately within 24 hours,

and we’ll even bring you a replacement device. We will take responsibility for repairing your broken printer! Always!

You’ve got it right with Black Point!

Thanks to Black Point products, you have the highest print quality guaranteed. Looking for more? How about the savings in printing costs of around 30% compared to the products of the printer manufacturer?

Additionally, we have an additional 6 month guarantee for your printer and a saavy help desk, which will not only advise you on which device to choose, but will instantly find a solution to any of your printing problems.

To top it up – eco-friendly approach; Black Point does homework for large corporations. We collect empty cartridges from the market to reuse them in the refurbishment process. Less waste = a healthier planet.

Ready for a change?

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