New life for waste toner – use it again!

The printer makes strange noises, and the display reads  – Replace the toner? Don’t throw it away! Keep the printer as well J See how the waste toner is recycled. You can give it a second life. Interestingly, the used toner can return to you in a refreshed form.


Laser toner – true reincarnation!


More than 3.5 litres of oil, 0.4 kg of steel and 0.05 kg of aluminium in materials used – the cost of producing a new cartridge. If instead of recycling, you decide to simply throw it away – it will go to a landfill and become ordinary waste. It may not be harmful in your home, but the environment will be a burden for the environment for up to several hundred years! Better provide it with reincarnation in the form of OH! GREEN! You have a clear conscience, a clean planet and pay nothing!


At Black Point, we do everything we can to recover most of the components of this electro-waste. The used cartridges obtained from the market are given a new life as products from the OH! GREEN series. If you have ever disposed of used consumables from your printer – there is a chance that they will receive a new life from us! How do we do it? We have been specialists in ecological toners for 30 years. Our production employees know what they do like no one else. More importantly, you, too, can be a part of it! Go to our website (link) and check how you can become an eco partner of our planet. Every little gesture counts!


OH! GREEN – a revolution in toner disposal



As you already know, our toners are made with the environment in mind – we use materials that have already been processed once. Or twice or even five times. Who knows how many laser printer cartridges we gave a second life by making new ones from the used ones? In production, we use the latest technologies that reduce our impact on the environment. Security features such as our dust filters can be found, for example, in aviation. They reduce emissions to almost zero!



Enough about production – it’s time to print! A special powder is responsible for this in toners. The one we buy comes from certified suppliers who care about the level of substances harmful to the environment. Such as titanium dioxide (TiO2), the content of which never exceeds 1%.


And while we’re at it… this powder in OH! GREEN will last much longer. We took care of the performance of our toners. So that they don’t come back to us too soon. We will accept them for free! You will send them back to us in the end, right?


Aby to zrobić, wystarczy, że postąpisz zgodnie z instrukcją zamieszczoną na naszej stronie. Przesyłka jest już opłacona. Wystarczy tylko zanieść paczkę do wybranego punktu. Stamtąd trafi do nas, gdzie otrzyma nowe życie.


Korzystasz – dłużej, oddajesz puste – za darmo, zyskujesz Ty – zyskuje planeta!


Recycling of used toners for free

Yes, it’s free. There’s no catch.


And how does it work? It’s easy! When you buy OH! GREEN Toner, the package arrives in neat, eco-friendly packaging. It is a cardboard box made of FSC paper, in which you will find a new printer cartridge packed in a bag made of biodegradable starch. Don’t throw away the cardboard. It has one more special task!


Basically, all elements of the package can be kept. When your toner eventually runs out, you can send it back to us instead of throwing it away. In the same carton! It has been well adapted! Practical and ecological. And for free!


To do this, just follow the instructions on our website. The shipment is already paid for. You only need to take the package to the selected point. It will be sent to us, where it will receive a new life.


You use it longer, give it back for free, you gain – the planet gains!

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