Down with the foil! A parcel revolution and ecological transport are coming

An environmentally friendly product is not only the question of production. Ecological transport counts as well! Check out how at Black Point, we change the world for the better by giving up plastic and engaging in pro-nature activities.


Ecological packaging matters. Do not spread plastic!


Plastics allowed us to develop significantly. Or to relive stress – who doesn’t like playing with bubble wrap?


However, we did not consider how harmful they might be to our health. Today, although much is said about environmental protection and ecological solutions in transport, film remains one of the most used packaging materials. Vegetables? In plastic. Rolls? As well.


The amount of microplastic in the environment, including the oceans, is increasing, and scientists from Vrije Universiteit (Free University) Amsterdam in February 2022 found its presence in a human blood sample for the first time. This may prove that microplastic particles can move around the body and then settle in the human organs, so it is a grim vision! If we do not change our habits, the situation will reverse one day, and we will be buying foil in rolls.


At Black Point, we decided to counteract. Instead of generating new layers of plastic, we use the one produced so far. We give it a new lease of life. OH! GREEN cartridges are made of 100% recycled materials. The toner powder comes from certified sources, guaranteeing its good quality and limiting the content of harmful substances. Thanks to this, we do not contribute to the production of plastic or the increase in the amount of plastic deposited in landfills.


But what about shipping and transport? Can eco-packaging reduce environmental pollution? How do we do without foil?

How do we pack OH! GREEN?


Before our product reaches you, it must be adequately secured. We are sorry, but you will not find any bubble wrap in our package (for stress reduction, we recommend reusable “clickers”)! OH! GREEN toners are placed in bags made of starch. They are natural, compostable materials. This means that they are made of plant polymers that do not harm the environment. You can safely throw them into your home composter or a green waste container, where microorganisms will eat them. Bon appétit, worms!


Everything is placed in a cardboard box and secured with a filler. Check out the ecological signs on the packaging. Both products are made of FSC-certified, i.e. recycled paper. There are several variants of it – the one we use is made of 100% recycled sources! We also make all leaflets and instructions from the same paper. This means that no tree suffered in the process. Instead of cutting them down, we prefer to plant them.


At Black Point, we believe that actions speak louder than words. We believe that sustainable development serves our future. Therefore, we have been involved in campaigns that guarantee further plantings in Poland and education in ecology for many years.


REUSE – you can benefit from it too!


Ecological disposable packaging? Not at Black Point! Our package has a double value because you can reuse it! Nature will benefit twice from this solution. How? Let us explain.


When you buy a cartridge from the OH! GREEN series, you choose an alternative packaging method – less harmful to the environment. However, this is not the end because we guarantee the possibility of returning the empty toner. And you can use our packaging for it!


All you have to do is report your willingness to return the used toner on our website. Don’t worry. It has already been paid for. The cartridge will go to Eco Service Sp. z o.o. Black Point established it for even more effective recycling.


The materials ready for recycling will go to the factory in Wrocław. They will get a new life, and maybe the next OH! GREEN toner will be at your doorstep in the same package?

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